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logofinalmixjpgDiscover great facts about all Chicago area cemeteries. Most are still visible but many have vanished or no longer outwardly resemble a place of burial.  The location of many of these vanished cemeteries will surprise you, some still containing thousands of bodies, You will be surprised to learn where the dead have been and still are, in and around Chicago.

Here you will find an amazing 803 listings.  Thumbnail information of 272 cemeteries plus 258 cross references will be found in the “list of all cemeteries” pages.  In addition there are over 300 Jewish cemeteries and sections within other cemeteries, primarily Jewish Waldheim

The blog posts contain additional information on selected cemeteries and most interesting related topics and features.


Famicity, based in France,  posted November 24 2017 written by Erin Harris.  https://blog.famicity.com/2017/11/preserving-cemeteries-in-chicago-illinois/?lang=en

DNAinfo was a great print and electronic media in Chicago. Check out their Oct 29 2017 Article  https://www.dnainfo.com/chicago/20171030/west-ridge/barry-fleig-cemetery-blog-sheiners-picnic-grove

A GOOD READ about Cook County Cemetery (Dunning): Grave Mistake by Harold Henderson Sept 1989 https://www.chicagoreader.com/chicago/grave-mistake/Content?oid=874451

And for the incredible story of how we lost that cemetery containing 38,000 souls, visit www.cookcountycemetery.com

Don’t miss some of the earlier blogs like a liquor license in a cemetery or an elevator. Check out the cemetery under the Bowmanville pickle farm. Check back often as I need to tell the stories of 273 cemeteries!



This website is the modern version of a cemetery book research project began about 1988. After visiting hundreds of cemetery sites, libraries, and other resources, I had decided to document all burial places in Chicago and Cook County. So instead of  writing about the just most obvious and large cemeteries,

There is an urgency for us to know and appreciate all of these burial places and their stories. The landscape of Cook County, Illinois is constantly changing, often at the expense of our cemeteries. Chicago and Cook County continues to reinvent and rebuild, leaving behind a rich history.  Farmland has given way to shopping centers, expressways, toll roads, airports and subdivisions. Neighborhoods, and communities of yesterday have been replaced with new construction, altering our land and disguising our rich history.


Saint Johannes Lutheran Cemetery within O’Hare International Airport, perceived by the City of Chicago to “be in the way”. The entire cemetery was disinterred and all graves were moved elsewhere.

Many of our community burying grounds and churchyard cemeteries have been pushed aside, neglected or have vanished altogether, often in the name of “progress”.  Commercial development poses a constant threat to cemeteries that are perceived to be “in the way of progress”. Cemeteries that were once well outside city limits have now found themselves surrounded by urban development. Of the many cemeteries that have managed to survive, weather and vandalism has taken their toll. Under intense geographic and economic pressure, our valuable cemetery history continues to fade, and with it, an important part of our own heritage and culture. I hope that through this website you will discover, learn, and celebrate the city’s history beneath the ground..

Please come back to this website often and enjoy!

I always welcome and appreciate your comments and inquiries.

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