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logofinalbrownThis Chicago and Cook County Cemetery list is a thumbnail reference of the cemeteries and burial grounds within the present boundaries of Cook County. Unlike other cemetery sources and lists, this site will include those cemeteries that are endangered, abandoned, or have vanished. In addition there are many cross references to cemeteries that have been known under more than one name.

All of these cemeteries  will eventually  appear in greater detail as blog posts where you will find historical information and much more.

Cemeteries that have already appeared in posts contain a link  which will take you directly to the relevant blog post.

Cady Cemetery                          

  • West side of Ela Road,
  • ¼ mile south of Dundee Road (Route 68)
  • Palatine ( Formerly  Deer Grove), Cook County, Illinois 60067
  • Barrington Township
  • Section: SW 1/4  8 Township 42  Range: 10
  • Latitude/Longitude:  420748N 0880556W
  • Open: 1841


Calvary Cemetery – (Old)

(Vanished)       Chicago  (See Catholic Cemetery, Chicago North Twp)

Ten Cemeteries and Wrigley Field

Calvary Cemetery  Bloom Township                       

  • North side of Steger Road, East of Western Avenue
  • Steger, Cook County, Illinois 60475
  • Bloom Township
  • Section: SE 1/4 SW 1/4 31 Township 35  Range: 14
  • Latitude/Longitude:   412816N 0874006W
  • Open: 1925


Calvary Cemetery   Evanston                      

  • (Also known as: New Catholic, New Calvary)
  • 301 Chicago Avenue, east side of street (Clark Street in Chicago)
  • Evanston, Cook County, Illinois 60202
  • Evanston Township
  • Section:  29 Township 41  Range: 14
  • Latitude/Longitude:  420130N 0874020W
  • Open: 1859


Calvary Cemetery‑Chicago

(See Catholic Cemetery)   North Township

Ten Cemeteries and Wrigley Field


Camp Douglas Cemetery                          

  • Vanished
  • Camp between 31st & 39th, from Cottage Grove to Forest Avenue
  • Chicago, Cook County, Illinois 60616
  • South Township
  • Section:  34 Township 39  Range: 14
  • Open: 1862

Catholic Bohemian Burying Ground

Niles Township   (See Saint Adalbert)

  Catholic Burying Ground

North Township    (See Catholic Cemetery)

  Catholic Cemetery

Evanston Township   (See Calvary Cemetery)

 Catholic Cemetery – Chicago 1842       

  • Vanished
  • (Also known as: First Calvary, Old Catholic, North Ave Burying Ground)
  • Bounded by North, Schiller, Wolcott (now State),
  • and Lake Michigan (Then approx. Astor Street )
  • Chicago, Cook County, Illinois 60610
  • North Township
  • Section:   3 Township 39  Range: 14
  • Open: 1842

Catholic Cemetery – Chicago 1842

Ten Cemeteries and Wrigley Field


Catholic Cemetery ‑ Oak Forest

  Bremen Township    (See Saint Gabriel’s)

Catholic German Cemetery

Lakeview Township     (See Saint Boniface)


Cedar Park Cemetery and Funeral Home                         

  • 12540 South Halsted Street
  • Chicago, Cook County, Illinois 60643
  • Calumet Township
  • Section:  29 Township 37  Range: 13
  • Latitude/Longitude:  413956N 0873838W
  • Open: 1923

Cedarcrest Cemetery

Also known as Schween’s Grove Cemetery, Timbercrest Cemetery 

Cemetery at Sag Bridge 

Lemont   Township (See Saint James Catholic Cemetery)

Cemetery of the Congregation of Sinai

Chicago  (See Sinai Cemetery)  Lakeview Township

  Cemetery of the Congregation of the Nourished

Proviso Township   (See Jewish Waldheim)

Cemetery of the Congregation of the Sons of Peace

Lakeview Township   (See Hebrew Cemetery)

Cemetery of the Free Sons of Israel 

Proviso Township   (See Jewish Waldheim)

  Cemetery of the Hebrew Benevolent Society    

Lakeview Township   (See Hebrew Cemetery)

  Central Cemetery Co of Illinois    Skokie

(See Memorial Park Cemetery)      Niles Township

Ceperley Burying Ground

Northfield Township    (See Russell Cemetery)

Chapel Hill Gardens ‑ South                         

  • (Also known as: Sleepy Hollow Memorial Park, South Chapel Hill Gardens Inc)
  • 5501 West 111th Street (at Central Avenue)
  • Alsip, Cook County, Illinois 60658
  • Worth Township
  • Section: E1/2 NW1/4 NW 1/4 21 Township 37  Range: 13
  • Latitude/Longitude:  414113W 0874516W
  • Open: 1925


Charity Cemetery 

Proviso Township

(See a variety of cemeteries within Jewish Waldheim

that were established for charity purposes)


Chevra Gmilat Chasadim Ubikur Cholim

Chicago  (See Hebrew Cemetery)  Lakeview Township


Chevra Kadisha Ubikar Cholim Cemetery                          

6600 West Addison Street Chicago, Cook County, Illinois 60634

Jefferson Township Section:  19 Township 40  Range: 13

Open: 1887


Chevra Kadisha Ubikar Cholim

Chicago    (See Hebrew Cemetery)        Lakeview Township

Chicago Cemetery

Chicago   (See City Cemetery)       North Township

Ten Cemeteries and Wrigley Field

  Chicago Cemetery Association

(See Lincoln Cemetery, Oak Hill Cemetery, or Ever Rest Cemetery)

  Chicago Avenue Cemetery

Chicago   (See North Side Cemetery)        North Township

Northside Cemetery – Chicago 1835

  Chicago Hebrew Benevolent Society Cemetery

(See Hebrew Cemetery) Lake View Township

Chicago Park Cemetery

Chicago   (See Mount Auburn Cemetery)       Lake Township

Chicago State Hospital Cemetery

Jefferson Township   (See Cook County Cemetery at Dunning) New Grounds

Cook County Cemetery at Dunning

Chicago Suburban Cemetery

Broadview   (See Menorah Gardens Cemetery) Proviso Township


Cholera Cemetery – Chicago 1835

  • Vanished
  • (Also known as: Cholera Cemetery at Fort Dearborn)
  • NW corner Lake Street and Wabash Ave
  • Chicago, Cook County, Illinois 60601    South Township
  • Section:  10 Township 39  Range: 14
  • Open: 1832

Cholera Cemetery – Chicago 1835

Christ Church Cemetery                         

  • (Also known as: Garland Cemetery)
  • West side of Sheridan Road, at Humboldt, south of Tower Road
  • Winnetka, Cook County, Illinois 60093
  • New Trier Township     Section:  16 & 17 Township 42  Range: 13
  • Open: 1876


Christ Lutheran Cemetery                         

  • East side of 82nd Avenue, 1/2 mile south of 143rd street
  • Tinley Park, Cook County, Illinois 60477
  • Orland Township
  • Section: N 1/2 SE 1/4 11 Township 36  Range: 12
  • Open: 1895 or early


Church of the Holy Comforter

(See Episcopal Church of the Holy Comforter)


Church of the United Brethren (old)

vanished    (See Emanual Cemetery )     Northfield Township


City Cemetery                         

  • Vanished
  • (Also known as: Chicago Cemetery, Old City Cemetery, Lincoln Park Cemetery, Protestant Cemetery)
  • North of North Ave. to Webster, and east of Clark to the Lake
  • Chicago, Cook County, Illinois 60614
  • North Township
  • Section: E1/2 SE 1/4 33 Township 40  Range: 14
  • Latitude/Longitude:  415447N 0873754W
  • Open: 1837

Ten Cemeteries and Wrigley Field


Common Acre – 

West Bank/North Branch of Chicago River                          

  • Vanished
  • Estimated Location  Along the West bank of north branch of the Chicago River, starting  north of Kinzie Street (400 North),  including the vicinity of Grand Avenue (500 North – formerly Indiana Ave) and possibly continuing to about 600 north, now the Ohio street extension (600 north) of the Kennedy Expressway
  • Chicago, Cook County, Illinois 60614
  • West Township
  • Section:  4,5, & 9 Township 39  Range: 14
  • Open between: 1820  –  1840 approx.



Common Burial Ground at Fort Dearborn                         

  • Vanished
  • (Also known as: Fort Cemetery, Garrison Cemetery)
  • On the lakeshore, South of the old Fort Dearborn
  • Chicago, Cook County, Illinois 60601
  • South Township
  • Section: E 1/2 10 Township 39  Range: 14
  • Open between : about 1816 – 1835


Concordia Cemetery                         

  • 7900 W Madison Street
  • Forest Park, Cook County, Illinois 60130
  • Proviso Township
  • Section: W1/2 NW1/4 Sec13 NE1/4 14 Township 39  Range: 12
  • Latitude/Longitude:  415237N 0874930W
  • First Burial: July 7, 1872.


Congregation A D Hamedrash Hagadol (West Jewish)                          

  • (Also known as: Jewish Oakwoods)
  • 71st and Ellis Avenue
  • Chicago, Cook County, Illinois 60619
  • Hyde Park Township
  • Section:  23 Township 41  Range:  9


Congregation Anshe Sholan (East Jewish)                         

  • (Also known as: Jewish Oakwoods)
  • 71st and Ellis Avenue
  • Chicago, Cook County, Illinois 60619
  • Hyde Park Township
  • Section:  23 Township 41  Range:  9

 Congregation Beth El of Chicago 

Jefferson Township (See Beth El)

Cemetery of   Congregation of the North Side

 (See Jewish Waldheim)

Congregation of the Son’s of Peace

Lakeview Township       (See Mt. Mayriv ‑ old)

Congregation Temple Isaiah

Jefferson Township (See Mt. Isaiah)

Cook County Cemetery at Dunning 

Cook County Cemetery at Dunning ‑   Old Grounds                         

  • Vanished
  • (Also known as: County, County Ground, County Farm Cemetery, Cook County Potter’s Field, Poor House Cemetery, Dunning, Dunning Cemetery, Read  Zone Dunning Memorial Park)
  • Cook County Poor Farm property, West of Narragansett on Belle Plaine
  • Chicago, Cook County, Illinois 60634 Jefferson Township
  • Section: E1/2 of SE1/4 18 Township 40  Range: 13
  • Office: No    Original Acres:      Current Size:20+
  • Open between: 1851  and 1890


Cook County Cemetery ‑ New Grounds                         

  • Also known as: County, County Ground, County Farm Cemetery, Poor House Cemetery,  Cook County Potter’s Field, Dunning Dunning Cemetery, New Grounds, State Hospital Cemetery/Chicago State Hospital Cemetery (after 1912), “Cemetery #3” (on plaque but misleading)
  • Memorial can be seen on  Oak Park Avenue, approx. 700 feet north of Irving Park
  • Chicago, Cook County, Illinois 60634     Jefferson Township
  • Section: E1/2 SW 1/4 18 Township 40  Range: 13
  • Open between: 1890  and some time after 1922

   Cook County Cemetery at Oak Forest                          

  • (Also known as: Oak Forest Cemetery, Cook County Potters Field)
  • 159th and Crawford on Grounds of Oak Forest Hospital
  • Oak Forest, Cook County, Illinois 60452
  • Bremen Township
  • Section:  22 Township 36  Range: 13
  • Latitude/Longitude:  413608N 0874310W
  • Office: No    Original Acres:      Current Size:
  • Open between: 1910  – and about 1970


Cooper’s Grove Cemetery                         

  • (Also known as: St John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery)
  • South Side of 183rd Street between Pulaski and Cicero Avenue
  • Tinley Park, Cook County, Illinois 60477
  • Rich Township
  • Section:   3 Township 35  Range: 13
  • Open: 1850


County Cemetery

Bremen Township    (See Cook County Cemetery at Oak Forest)

  County Cemetery

Jefferson Township   (See Cook County Cemetery at Jefferson)

County Line Cemetery ‑ Northfield

(See Daggitt Cemetery in Lake County Cemetery Guide)


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