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logofinalbrownThis Chicago and Cook County Cemetery list is a thumbnail reference of the cemeteries and burial grounds within the present boundaries of Cook County. Unlike other cemetery sources and lists, this site will include those cemeteries that are endangered, abandoned, or have vanished. In addition there are many cross references to cemeteries that have been known by more than one name.

All of these cemeteries  will eventually  appear in greater detail as blog posts where you will find historical information and much more.

Cemeteries that have already appeared in posts contain a link  which will take you directly to the relevant blog post.

Acacia Park Cemetery  and Mausoleum

  • Also known as: Acacia Park Cemetery Association,
  • Acacia Park Cemetery & Mausoleum Corporation
  • 7800 West Irving Park Road  (4000 North)
  • Norridge, Cook County, Illinois 60706   Norwood Park Township
  • SW quarter of Section 13  and  SE  1/4 of sections 13 & 14 Township 40     Range: 12  Latitude/Longitude: 415714N  0874937W
  • Open: 1922.

acacia blue.jpgAcacia was opened Chicago’s far Northwest side in 1922.  The first deed recorded was by the Acacia Park Cemetery Association  on November 10, 1922.  Early advertisements stated as “Exclusive to Masons and members of their families”, but that policy was later changed.  The first section of which, 25½ acres, was divided into 5,896 four-grave lots. The total sales of the lots in the first section were projected to be $975,000. The second division was developed in 1924, consisting of 46 acres, divided into 9,564 four-grave lots.  A large mausoleum was built with Georgian marble in 1927. Acacia sold the northern half of the cemetery,  80 acres to the Westlawn Cemetery Association, whose main entrance is on Montrose Avenue (4400 north).

fhnbhThe western boundary of Acacia Cemetery is currently Pioneer Avenue. The eastern boundary of Acacia is Ozanam Avenue. The Northern boundary is Westlawn Cemetery.  Irving Park Boulevard Cemetery is directly across the street to the south, with their entrance at about the southeast corner of Acacia. Acacia has two cemetery entrances on the north side of Irving Park Road (4000 North).  In addition,  there are two connecting roads at the northeast corner of Acacia that allow convenient access into Westlawn Cemetery, directly to the north.  On a 1933 Chicago cemetery map, the Acacia address is unusually listed as Irving Park and Phillips Road.

All Saints Catholic Cemetery and Mausoleum               

  • 700 North River Road     Des Plaines, Cook County, Illinois 60016
  • Maine Township     Section:   8 & 9 Township 41  Range: 12
  • Latitude/Longitude: 414419N 0875044W
  • Open: 1923

All Saints is a large contemporary Catholic cemetery of 160 acres, opened in 1923 as a successor to Calvary Cemetery, Evanston which had reached near capacity. All Saints is on both the east and west sides of River Road. The older section on the east (left picture), with its beautiful iron gate was opened 1923. Sometimes referred to as All Saints East, this section is most visually appealing. 

The newer section on the west side of River Road, sometimes referred to as All Saints West, opened 1954.(Right picture) An interment chapel was built in 1961. A 20,000‑crypt community mausoleum was built in 1976, and was dedicated by Cardinal Cody.  In 2001,  the Immaculate Heart of Mary Garden Mausoleum was dedicated by Cardinal Frances George. All Saints is in excellent condition. An office is on the premises to help with burial information. The images of many interment cards are now online.

All Saints Greek Orthodox Cemetery                          

  •  Renamed to Fairview Memorial Park Cemetery/Memorial Estates
  • Also See: Fairview Memorial Park,  Memorial Estates
  • 900 North Wolf Road  (at Fullerton Avenue)
  • Northlake, Cook County, Illinois 60160    Leyden Township
  • S1/2 of SE1/4 Section 30 Township 40  Range: 12
  • Open:  1929

fairview memorial parkAll Saints began as an Illinois corporation with Constantine M. Mazarr as acting President. A plat document #10251822  dated January 8, 1929 shows 77 acres. The enterprise apparently was a victim of the great depression. Financial difficulties began almost immediately and resulted in mechanical liens filed against the corporation as early as July 2, 1929. The surveyor, the concrete contractor, the fence contractor and others made financial claims against the corporation. The only cemetery lot recorded with the county, while under All Saints ownership, was sold to Emmanuel K. Kourekis on December 6, 1929.  Other burials should be on record in the cemetery office.

Further record of the cemetery following the 1929 failure is not well known. Cook County land records show an ownership transfer in 1948 from Metro Trust to the Melrose Memorial Corporation. The cemetery was renamed Memorial Estates. Memorial Estates Inc. defaulted on a mortgage and declared bankruptcy about 1991.
The cemetery was again renamed, this time Fairview Memorial Park Cemetery. (See that listing for the current information at this location). In 1990, Fairview, with its nagging financial problems, was sold to a bank at auction. Although the cemetery began for members of the Greek Orthodox faith, It is now best described as a for-profit community cemetery. It appears that the most western 30 acres, that area west of Addison Creek,  was sold at some point in time. A housing development, King Arthur Court apartments (now condos) were built in the 1960’s. That project is accessed by King Arthur Road. It is assumed that this land was probably not used for burials.

  All Saints Polish National Catholic Cemetery                          

  • 9201 W. Higgins Road
  • Chicago, Cook County,  Illinois 60631
  • South side of Higgins Road, east of River Road
  • Park Ridge and/or Rosemont, Cook County, Illinois 60068
  • Leyden Township
  • Section: n1/2‑NW1/4‑SE1/4  3 Township 40  Range: 12
  • Latitude/Longitude:  415917N 0875113W
  • Open:    September 1895

CEM835_109295683731Opened September 1895, All Saints Cathedral Polish National Catholic Church & Cemetery (the Western Diocese) is, located in Chicago, though very near the border with Des Plaines, on the South side of Higgins Road, between East River/Dee Road and River Road, just across from the Forest Preserve. It occupies about 10 acres.asp

 The cemetery can be easily missed while driving along Higgins Road. It and the adjoining Saint Nicholas Ukrainian Byzantine Catholic Church Cemetery are overshadowed by the O’Hare Airport complex. An Illinois Tollway toll plaza is only a few feet away.  All Saints Polish is not connected at all with the larger All Saints Roman Catholic Cemetery on River Road. The West end of the cemetery lies alongside the Des Plaines River There is a picnic area close by the cemetery used for church functions and festivals.  Cemetery records at: All Saints Cathedral office

Altenheim German Old Peoples Home Cemetery                          

  • 7824 West Madison on south side of street
  • Forest Park, Cook County, Illinois 60130
  • Proviso Township     Section:  13 Township 39  Range: 12
  • Open: 1885

altenheimoldpeopleshomeAltenheim (German word meaning Elder’s Home) opened in 1878, with the current building dedicated May, 1885. The institution provided an attractive living option retirement community for the extensive German population in Chicagoland, It quickly became a self sufficient community. In its early days, Altenheim had its animals for farming purposes. Pig pens, chicken coops, and cows. Other features included a one lane bowling alley, windmills, a merry-go-round  and picnic area used for social gatherings. The original Victorian building has been part of three movies.  In 1973, 20th Century Fox  film “Harry And Tonto.  In 1988, the movie “The Package” with Gene Hackman. And in 1995, the movie “The Babe” with John Goodman.

altenheimThe burial ground of about five acres, opened about 1895  behind the Altenheim home in the southwest corner of the grounds. This simple but quite interesting institutional ground has exclusively served the burial needs of the home. There are some 300 to 900 gravestones,  which run in rows from south to north, the oldest in the southwest corner of the cemetery are often unreadable or  gone. Gravestones are of a plain, unvarying design made of formed concrete poured over a red brick base. Some inscriptions have letters inverted or in the wrong order resulting from letters incorrectly placed in the mold. Space limitations may have also caused the reuse of the oldest sections. Some of carry the inscription inscription “HIER RUHT” (here rests). Birth dates can be found ranging from 1811 to 1904 Most death dates on existing stones range between 1895 and 1978. An obituary in July 1895 for Hans Diedrickson age 88, states, but unverified) that he was the first burial in the cemetery.

Inscriptions and the layout map were recorded and published by members of the Chicago Genealogical Society on July 29, 1989.  Participants were:  Barbara Baker, Allison Childs, Blanche Childs, Brian Scott Donovan, Barry Fleig (cemetery chairman at the time), Grace Horner, Diane Liesinger, Maxine Liesinger, Olga Liesinger, Diane and David McClure.  Allison and Blanche Childs who also handled computer input of all the material. It was published in the Chicago Genealogist, Spring 1990 . One copy is in the Family History Center in Salt Lake.  The Altenheim office also has some original records.

Altenheim Cemetery –  Arlington Heights  Wheeling Township

(See Lutheran Home and Service for the Aged)


Andreas Von Zirngibl Grave Chicago

(See Von Zirngibl burial site)

Anshe Mayriv  

Chicago     Lakeview Twp  (See Mt. Mayriv ‑ Old)

 Archer Woods Memorial Park

Willow Springs- Lyons Township     (See Mt. Glenwood Memory Gardens‑West)

Arlington Heights-Wheeling Township Cemetery                          

  • Also known as: Dunton Cemetery, Hill Cemetery, the Hill Cemetery Association of Wheeling, and the Dunton Cemetery Association.
  • North side of Euclid Ave, west of Rand Road
  • Arlington Heights, Cook County, Illinois 60004    Wheeling Township
  • Section: SW1/4‑NE1/4 28 Township 42  Range: 11
  • 42°05’18” N     87°57’19” W
  • Open: 1841

Assumption Cemetery –  Glenwood                        

  • 19500 South Cottage Grove Avenue
  • Glenwood, Cook County, Illinois 60425
  • Bloom Township
  • Section: SE1/4 10 Township 35  Range: 14
  • Latitude/Longitude: 413146N 0873600W
  • Open: 1952

Au Plain Cemetery  

Northfield Township   (See Emanual Evangelical Church Cemetery)

Austro Hungary, Waldheim      

Proviso Township       (See Jewish Waldheim)

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