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logofinalbrownThis Chicago and Cook County Cemetery list is a thumbnail reference of the cemeteries and burial grounds within the present boundaries of Cook County. Unlike other cemetery sources and lists, this site will include those cemeteries that are endangered, abandoned, or have vanished. In addition there are many cross references to cemeteries that have been known by more than one name.

All of these cemeteries  will eventually  appear in greater detail as blog posts where you will find historical information and much more.

Cemeteries that have already appeared in posts contain a link  which will take you directly to the relevant blog post.


Palatine Cemetery

(See Palatine Township index for choices)


Palos Hills Memorial Gardens

Lemont Township (See Mt. Vernon Memorial Park)


Palos Hills Memorial Park

(See Mt. Vernon Memorial Park)


Palos Oak Hill Cemetery                         

  • (Also known as: Oak Knoll Cemetery, Briar Hill Cemetery)
  • South side of 131st Street, 1 block east of Southwest Highway
  • An early account shows the location then to have been 5th and west 27th street.
  • Palos Park, Cook County, Illinois 60462    Palos Township
  • Section:  34 Township 37  Range: 12
  • Open: 1863 or earlier


Park Ridge Cemetery

Park Ridge     Maine Township

(See Town of Maine Cemetery)


Parkholm Cemetery                         

  • (Also known as: LaGrange Cemetery, Oak Hill Cemetery)
  • 2501 South LaGrange Road (Mannheim), east side of La Grange Road,
  • LaGrange Park, Cook County, Illinois 60525    Proviso Township
  • Section:  28 Township 39  Range: 12
  • Open: 1846


Passionist Fathers Cemetery

Chicago – Norwood Park Township (See Immaculate Conception Cemetery)


Pastor Wunder’s Kirchof Churchyard

Chicago – Lakeview Township  (See Wunder’s Churchyard )


Paupers Cemetery

(See Cook County Cemetery)

Cook County Cemetery at Dunning


Plum Grove Cemetery                         

  • (Also known as: Salem Ceemtery, Salem Evangelical Church Cemetery, (German Methodist))
  • northeast corner of Plum Grove Road at Kirchoff Road
  • (between Kirchoff and Euclid Road)
  • Palatine, Cook County, Illinois 60067     Palatine Township
  • Section:  26 Township 42  Range: 10    42 05 273n 88 02 592w
  • Open: 1862


Plum Grove Cemetery (old)                          

  • Vanished
  • (Also known as: Lost Plum Grove Cemetery and Wolfrum Cemetery)
  • NW of Sunset Drive & Brookview Lane, west of Rolling Meadows Lane.
  • Palatine, Cook County, Illinois 60067    Palatine Township
  • Section:  34 Township 42  Range: 10
  • Open: 1840


 Polish Catholic Parish of All Saints

(See All Saints Polish)


Polish Cemetery ‑ Norwood Park

Niles – Niles Township (See Saint Adalbert’s)


Polish Roman Catholic Association of All Saints


(See All Saints Polish)


Polish National All Saints Park Ridge

Leyden Township (See All Saints Polish National Cemetery)


Poor House Cemetery

Chicago   Jefferson Township (See Cook County Cemetery)

Cook County Cemetery at Dunning


Poor House Cemetery‑New Grounds

Jefferson Township Chicago (See Cook County Cemetery‑New Grounds)

Cook County Cemetery at Dunning


Potters Field

Tinley Park  Bremen Township  (See Bill Funk’s Cemetery)

Potters Field (for Cook County)

Many, if not most cemeteries have or have had some space reserved for pauper or potters field burials. Several cemeteries are primarily pauper cemeteries or have had potters field contracts with the county to bury the indigent.

If you are looking to find someone who might have been buried under pauper circumstances, consider the following cemeteries.

Before c. 1870  City Cemetery

1851-1912 Cook County Cemetery at Dunning  OLD GROUNDS (Jefferson)

Cook County Cemetery at Dunning

1912-about 1922 Cook County Cemetery NEW GROUNDS

Cook County Cemetery at Dunning

1912-1970 Cook County Cemetery at Oak Forest

circa 1912-1970 Saint Gabriel’s  (Catholic)

circa 1912-1970  Ebenezer ( Lutheran)

circa 1970‑           Archer Woods   (Contract with County)

various years –  Homewood Memorial Gardens  (Contract with County)

circa 2017-  Mt. Olivet

Note: Some Cook County pauper burials were sent to Gary Indiana


Presbyterian Cemetery

Chicago Heights 60411  Bloom Township (See Bloom Pres. Cemetery)


Protestant Cemetery

Chicago    Lake View Township  (See City Cemetery or Wunders)

Proviso Cemetery 

Proviso Township   

  • ·        Vanished
  • Southeast corner of 22nd and Wolf Roads
  • Section: NW 1/4 29 Township 32  Range: 12
  • Hillside, Cook County, Illinois 60162     Proviso Township


Proviso Church Cemetery

Hillside (See Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery)

Queen of Heaven Cemetery                         

  •  1400 South Wolf Road
  • Hillside, Cook County, Illinois 60162
  • Proviso Township     Section:  19 Township 39  Range: 12
  • Open: 1947


Randhill Park Cemetery

  • Wilke and Rand Road (Route 12)
  • Palatine, Cook County, Illinois 60067    Wheeling Township
  • Section: SW 1/4  7 Township 42  Range: 11
  • Open: 1924


Reformed Church of Northfield Cemetery

Northfield Twp (Also known as Union Cemetery)

(See Northfield Union Cemetery)

Resthaven Cemetery                         

  • East side of Division street, north of Irving Park Road
  • Chicago, Cook County, Illinois 60666
  • Addison Twp/DuPage Township
  • Section: E 1/2 NE 1/4 13 Township 40  Range: 11
  • Opened: 1837   Dedicated 1840,  New addition 1920, Rededicated 1986


Restvale Cemetery                         

  • west side of Laramie Avenue at 117th Street
  • Alsip, Cook County, Illinois 60658
  • Worth Township
  • Section: E 1/2 SW 1/4 21 Township 37  Range: 13
  • Open: about 1919

Resurrection Cemetery                         

  • 7200 South Archer Road
  • Justice, Cook County, Illinois 60459
  • Lyons Township
  • Section:  26 Township 38  Range: 12


Reverend Wunder’s Churchyard

Chicago  Lakeview Township  (See Wunder’s Churchyard)


Rhodenburg Cemetery

Schaumburg Township (See Saint John Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery)


Rich Cemetery

(See White Cemetery)


Ridgelawn Cemetery                         

  • (Also known as: North Park Cemetery Company Inc.)
  • 5736 North Pulaski  (Originally North Fortieth Avenue)
  • Chicago, Cook County, Illinois 60646    Jefferson Township
  • Section:   3 Township 40  Range: 13
  • Open: 1887


Ridgeville Cemetery                          

  • Vanished
  • (Also known as: Evanston Graveyard)
  • Northwest corner Ridge & Greenleaf
  • Evanston, Cook County, Illinois 60202    Evanston Township
  • Section: W 1/2 NW 1/4 19 Township 41  Range: 14
  • Open: 1846


Ridgewood Cemetery                         

  • (Also known as: Ridgewood Cemetery Company)
  • 9900 North Milwaukee Avenue
  • Des Plaines, Cook County, Illinois 60016     Maine Township
  • Section:  10 Township 41  Range: 12
  • Open: 1922


River Burying Ground

Chicago (See Common Acre on the West Bank)


Robinson Family Burial Ground                         

  • Endangered
  • (Also known as: Indian Cemetery, Old Indian Cemetery)
  • Northwest corner of Lawrence & East River Road
  • Schiller Park, Cook County, Illinois 60176    Leyden Township
  • Section: SE 1/4 10 Township 40  Range: 12
  • Open: 1872 or earlier


Robinson’s Grove Burying Ground                         

  • Vanished
  • Bounded by Vermont, Western, Grove and Artesian (Henry Street)
  • Blue Island, Cook County, Illinois 60406
  • Worth Township
  • Section: SE 1/4 NE 1/4 36 Township 37  Range: 13
  • Open: 1849 or earlier


Rodenburg Cemetery

(See Saint John’s Cemetery ‑ Rodenburg)


Roes Hill  

 (See Rosehill Cemetery)


Rosehill Cemetery     

An Elevator in a Cemetery!                    

  • 5800 North Ravenswood Avenue
  • Chicago, Cook County, Illinois 60660    Lakeview Township
  • Section:   6 & 7 Township 40  Range: 14
  • Opened: 1859

Rosemont Park Cemetery                         

  • Now part of Zion Gardens
  • 6758 West Addison Street (3600 North)
  • Chicago, Cook County, Illinois 60634
  • Jefferson Township
  • Section: SW 1/4 NE 1/4 19 Township 40  Range: 13
  • Open: 1902


Rowe Farm Family Burying Ground                         

  • Vanished
  • (Also known as: Geweke Farm, Biesner, Bisner Farm)
  • Now on Forest Preserve Property
  • Elk Grove Village, Cook County, Illinois 60007     Elk Grove Township
  • Section: E 1/2 SE 1/4 19 Township 41  Range: 11
  • Open: 1880 or before


Russell Family Burying Ground                         

  • (Also known as: Ceperley, West, Reid, Squires, Wing family burial grounds)
  • East side of Waukegan Road, 1/4 north of Willow Road
  • Techny, Cook County, Illinois 60062     Northfield Township
  • Section: SW 1/4 SE 1/4 14 Township 42  Range: 12
  • Open: 1846 or earlier
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