Happy Anniversary!

We have just reached the one year anniversary of this, my Chicago cemetery website. It  has been wildly successful and I thank all of you, almost 8000 readers for your support. You guys have viewed almost 20,000  pages. Thank you!

 Summer has not been kind to my goal of adding still more content to this website. There has been travel,  family  events, as well as research projects that have taken much of my time. I apologize for this drought and hope to make up for it with many  future postings to amuse, educate, and amaze.  After a distracted summer, I am back to my passion for sharing my research on Chicago cemeteries. I have so much material to add to this website. Many years ago I researched and began a book on the 237 cemeteries and burial places in the Chicago area. All that material will now be slowly added to this website.

main gate.jpg

My work on the book was rudely interrupted in 1989 by the discovery and my work with the Cook County Cemetery at Dunning, on Chicago’s north side,  a  paupers cemetery forgotten for over 60 years until 1989. If you are unaware of this incredible story, please visit www.cookcountycemetery.com where the whole story can be found as well as a free searchable database of some 7000 of the 38,000 burials.

Lastly, I want to hear from you. What subjects interest you mostI will be happy to tailor future posts to your needs. ? Are you looking for someone who died in the Chicago area and cannot find ? Simply email me with your questions or requests. I promise to do my best to fulfull your needs.   Barry Fleig Bartonius84@hotmail.com


Thanks again, everybody!

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