Cemetery Street Names

“If we get separated while walking through the cemetery, meet me at Highland Avenue and Main Avenue”. amtrak7 062.jpg

 Yes, streets, roads, and avenues actually have names in some cemeteries. I would guess that this topic may not have been often mentioned before. I was fascinated by seeing actual street signs in Jewish Waldheim. I am not sure how many of the larger cemeteries name their streets, but I would like to know more.  The two Chicago area cemeteries are Graceland on Chicago’s north side and Jewish Waldheim in Forest Park.

 If you are into giving trivia questions, one or more of these street names are sure to be tough to guess.   As a side note, St. Adalbert’s Catholic Cemetery has a city street (Newark) bisecting it. And All Saint’s Catholic Cemetery has two sections, on both sides of River Road.

In order to be politically correct, I have omitted signs like “Dead End” or “One Way- Do not Enter”’ Addition and comments welcome!


Your Personal Cemetery Street Directory


Abraham Road – Jewish Waldheim

Blue Road – Jewish Waldheim

Brown Road – Jewish Waldheim

Central Avenue – Graceland

Dell Avenue – Graceland

Evergreen Avenue – Graceland

Glendale Avenue – Graceland

Graceland Avenue – Graceland

Greenberg Road – Jewish Waldheim

Greenwood Avenue – Graceland

Grey Road – Jewish Waldheim

Highland Avenue – Graceland

Isaac Road – Jewish Waldheim

Jacob Road – Jewish Waldheim

Levi Road – Jewish Waldheim

Main Avenue – Graceland

Maple Avenue – Graceland

Newark Avenue – St Adalbert’s Catholic

Rebecca Road – Jewish Waldheim

Red Road – Jewish Waldheim

Ridgeland Avenue – Graceland

River Road – All Saints Catholic

Sarah Road – Jewish Waldheim

Western Avenue – Graceland

White Road – Jewish Waldheim

Wildwood Avenue – Graceland

Woodlawn Avenue – Graceland

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